Why we are online only

Let's start with a horror story, you're the main character... đŸ˜±

YOU ARE MAKING GOOD TIME, left and right through the shopping isles, you’re flying past all the slow-movers and the old stand-and-starers. You’re in a rush, you need to be somewhere in 10 minutes but thankfully only have one item left on your list. You round the last corner into the last aisle when your trolly nearly collides with that of an oversized-load of a person taking up the entire aisle and as they slowly acknowledge your presence and with an awkward look on their face, they allow you to slide past. The last item on your shopping list is in sight, you dart down the aisle but then. It dawns on you. That thick fog of noxious gas you’ve just walked into and drawn in to your lungs nearly knocks you off your feet! Holding your breath and stifling the urge to dry reach you struggle back up to your feet and in what could be your final moments you burst through the exit of the isle gulping in fresh air once again! You think to yourself.. Did that human being even have any remorse, or was the awkward look on their face one of sadistic pleasure? Phew... Perhaps ordering online in your PJ's would have been easier and more pleasant?

Plant Power Body has experience in the online retail space since early 2019 and although we have had the odd person comment that they would like to see us in a bricks and mortar store, generally we have a positive response from the effort we go to in making your shopping experience as seamless as possible.

In-store shopping can be energy consuming, with the travelling to and from, waiting in lines, waiting to speak to staff and the general checkout process which can be exasperated by under-staffing and system outages. At Plant Power Body we want to bring to you an online experience that extends the best of in-store shopping with the convenience of staying in your pyjamas and shopping online. 

Here are a few of our thoughts on why we feel online shopping is the best business model for you and for us:

  • Personalised service: we like to add personalised notes, helpful information packs and occasionally share little treats in your orders. As well as taking the time to properly reply to your questions.
  • Information at your fingertips, you can be more informed by reading through our website and seeing quality photos while adding nutritious, delicious food, drink and treats to your shopping cart.
  • Take it at your pace with no queues, add a product to your cart today and checkout tomorrow or add products today and checkout today (or at 2am in your PJ’s) whatever suits.
  • Payment options are available including Afterpay or PayPal or just process the order on your debit/credit card at checkout.
  • Mistakes on your order? No big deal, just get in touch ASAP (via phone, Facebook Messenger or email) and we can help fix up your order, we will do our best to ensure any changes are made before processing and shipping.
  • Same-day shipping on orders processed prior to 10am and with the options of an express or standard service.
  • We are a community where customers share their thoughts and recommendations which are made readily available to you as you navigate our online store.

For convenience, accessibility and speed, choose to shop online!

We’re not just a Nutrition Shop, but also a technology and logistics business. We are keeping up to date with the latest market trends and industry knowledge meaning you get current and accurate information that you may not get from the un-trained staff at bricks and mortar stores.

We want to help you feel more at home with your online shopping experience, so please, let us know what you enjoy about the online shopping space and what you feel needs to be added to make it easier and more relatable.

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